We use our years of experience and the resources available to us within the Attis Group to negotiate with quality experienced insurers to provide our clients with a comprehensive programme of Insurance to cover the assets and liabilities of the company. This will include the physical assets and also the human assets who are fundamental to all levels of the sport and business.

We gather information from you, including details of any claims that have occurred, and make sure that we understand your business before we disseminate information to the insurance market. We select the Insurers we wish to discuss your risk with, provide them with our broking submission and then negotiate the terms for the risks involved. This will not always provide the cheapest quotation but will provide the quote based on accurate information.

Insurers decide if they wish to provide a quote or not and, if they do, they will provide the quotation at the same time as they provide the excesses, conditions, exclusions, etc. Once our broking exercise is complete we will provide you with terms and details of the cover either in a meeting, a report or by email.

Once you have accepted our quote and we are appointed as your broker we will provide you with Insurer documentation as soon as we receive it, often this is received electronically and once checked emailed to you. We will appoint a person within the office to assist with the day to day handling of your programme and also appoint you a claims handler. This will allow us to provide you with the service on both the placement and claims side of the programme.

We will be available to visit you as necessary and we may well see you out at an event as we attend quite a few events at weekends.